Yorkshire unveils record low rate of 0.89%

Yorkshire Building Society has launched a 2-year discount rate mortgage at 0.89% up to 65% loan-to-value.

The product comes with a £1,495 fee, though the society also offers a £995 fee option at 1.05%.

James Farrow, senior mortgage manager at Yorkshire Building Society, said: “We are very pleased to offer borrowers the lowest mortgage rate ever available.

“The cost of funding has fallen in recent weeks and as a financially strong building society with no external shareholders to satisfy we have the ability to pass this on to borrowers.”

After the 2-year period the mortgage will revert to the lender’s standard variable rate, which is currently 4.74%.

Rachel Springall, finance expert at Moneyfacts, said: “It’s fantastic to see such low rates on offer from Yorkshire Building Society and the choice between variable or fixed deal will appeal to different types of borrowers.

“Those looking for more flexibility over the shorter term may prefer a discounted deal, but those looking for some security could choose the fixed rate.

“In such a low interest rate environment it would be ideal for borrowers to consider overpaying their mortgage. As with any option borrowers would be wise to weigh up the entire package before entering any arrangement.”

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Six-bedroom manor house with private train platform for sale

For the price of a Walthamstow terrace house, this six-bedroom mansion makes commuting a breeze — just stick out your arm and the train will stop for you...

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Lawn Alternative Garden Ideas

Do you love getting out in your garden but don’t have time to maintain a lawn? There’s loads of options of things to do to your outdoor space that keep it pretty and practical but low maintenance, so here’s some of our favourite tips…

1. Make a firepit

2. BBQ Terrace

3. Flowerbed or potted plants

4. Fake it!

5. Sunken seating

6. Sandpit

7. Hottub

8. Vegetable patch

9. Raised decking

10. Paving stones and creeping plants

Why not try out one of these lawn-less garden ideas in time for summer, so you can get out in the sunshine and enjoy it! Share your favourite garden ideas with us over on Twitter at @Rightmove.

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How storing your bike can become a work of art

There's nothing more irritating than tripping over your bike in the hallway. But, happily, there are a range of ingenious solutions for getting your bike off the floor.

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Could you live on a canal boat? What you need to know

What’s it like to be one of the estimated 15,000 people who live on a boat in the UK? Nick Corble, the author of a new guide, gives us the inside track on life on the water.

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What are tenants rights if their car parking spaces are blocked?

Reserved parkingThis is a question to the blog clinic from Victoria who is a tenant.

I live in a flat that has a car park with 6 spaces (there are a total of 4 flats). In my contract it states that I have the use of 1 space for myself, and 1 guest space. Including my car, there are 2 other cars that park in the car park who are residents of the other flats.

My landlord, who is also the landlord to 2 of the other flats, owns the property next door which is his business. His business has its own car park, however he parks his cars daily in the car park for the flats. Both him and his wife park there, which is 2 cars, along with his staff.

He also recently had building work done on his commercial property and let his builders use the car park for the flats – there were frequently 3 vans plus lorries blocking the drive way most days.

Is he allowed to use the car park for the flats? I frequently come home and am unable to park my car, or have my partner come round and he cannot park his car.

All the flats he owns (a total of 3) are occupied, 1 of them don’t have a car, the other 2 (including me) have a total of 2 cars between us.


The first thing to do, if you have not done so already is to speak to your landlord about it. He may not be aware of the problem.

The best thing would be to see if he is willing to allocate a space to you, maybe put a sign there saying ‘reserved for flat X’ so that only you have the use of that space.

I don’t think he could do that for your guest space though as there are four flats so they can’t all have exclusive rights to two out of six places.

So far as your landlord’s right to park there is concerned, if he owns it, he has the right to use it. However, this should be subject to your rights as a tenant in one of the flats.

Remedies for Breach of contract

Strictly speaking, if you are unable to use the car park due to your landlord and his employees or contractors, this is a breach of contract.

The rule in contract is that if one party breaches it, the other party is entitled to be put in the position they would have been had the contract been performed as it should.

So for example, if you have had to park elsewhere because of your landlord or his workmen, then strictly speaking you would be entitled to be reimbursed any cost – for example, if you had to use a local multi-storey car park.

You could also claim the cost of additional travel costs and any other expenses which arose from this issue, plus maybe something for distress and inconvenience.

Note however that it is only if it is the landlord’s fault that you would have a claim.  Your landlord cannot be held responsible for anyone else parking there – other than his workmen or employees.

Practical problems

It’s difficult though as the only way you can claim compensation, assuming your landlord is unwilling to pay it voluntarily, is via the courts.

If you just deduct compensation from your rent, then the landlord will probably, in turn, deduct it from your deposit when you leave. This sort of dispute is not something you could challenge at adjudication as this is not something the deposit scheme adjudicators are authorised to deal with – they would just award the money to the landlord.

So you could have to deal with any dispute about deductions from the deposit via the Small Claims court.

Also, bear in mind that if you antagonise the landlord there is always the risk that he will decide he wants you to leave after your current fixed term.


If your landlord is reasonable, the best thing is to approach him and see if you can work something out.

Otherwise, you do have a right to compensation but claiming it may be difficult and you may have to do this through the courts. Unless you are incurring substantial charges through having to park elsewhere it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

I would advise though that in any case, you keep a record (and proof of) any actual expenses that you are put to due to this problem, and also keep a diary so you will be able to prove how often you and your visitors are unable to use the car park due to your landlord or his workmen parking there.

It is a shame that there is no mandatory ombudsman scheme for landlords as there is for tenants, as this is just the sort of situation where an Ombudsman service would be helpful.

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Children expect parents to give 17k to help buy a house

A child typically expects their parents to fork out £17,013 to help them with a deposit, according to the findings by insurer Aviva - but half of parents expect to give less than £10,000.

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Will the snap general election affect the north London property market?

Theresa May has announced that the country will return to the polls on June 8 for the third summer running, but what will this mean for property sales in north London?

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How much do you have to earn to be rich? £70,000, says Labour

John McDonnell’s definition of rich people has angered some, but he is backed by the statistics

Are you rich if you earn £70,000? According to the Labour MP John McDonnell, you are. And that contention made some people very angry.

In an interview on the Today programme (from 1:15:30) on BBC Radio 4, McDonnell set out his vision of a “fair taxation system”. He said Labour would be “looking to the corporations and to the rich to pay their share”.

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Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Wednesday 19 Apr 2017

May asks MPs to support snap election

Theresa May yesterday announced a surprise general election on 8 June. Today, because of fixed-term parliament rules, she must persuade two-thirds of MPs to back the idea. Labour's Jeremy Corbyn has said he welcomes the election, suggesting that Labour MPs will back the proposal, so the vote is expected to go May's way.

Reality TV boyfriend sought over acid attack

The boyfriend of reality TV star Ferne McCann, who found fame in The Only Way Is Essex, is being sought by police for questioning over an acid attack in an east London nightclub in the early hours of Monday. Arthur Collins is 25 and from Hertfordshire. Twenty people suffered burns in the attack but McCann was not present.

May rules out election TV debates

Theresa May has ruled out taking part in TV debates ahead of the snap general election on 8 June, prompting the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron to urge broadcasters to go ahead with leaders' debates and leave an "empty chair" for May. Labour's Jeremy Corbyn urged May to "show some leadership" and take part in debates.

Hammond: RBS shares to sell at loss to taxpayer

The Chancellor has admitted taxpayer-owned shares in the bailed-out Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) may be sold at a loss. The Treasury paid 502p per share in 2008, investing a total of £45bn, but they are now worth less than half that amount – 223p each. Philip Hammond said yesterday: "We have to live in the real world."

US gunman 'motivated by hatred of whites'

A gunman who killed three white men and wounded another in Fresno, California, yesterday had said on social media he hated white people, police say. Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, was arrested at the scene. His father told the LA Times his son believed he was fighting a race war between blacks and whites and had said a "battle" was starting.

US 'armada' was not sailing towards Korea

The US navy said earlier this month an aircraft carrier and other ships were sailing to the Korean peninsula – and last week Donald Trump said he was sending an "armada". It has now emerged the ships actually sailed further away and are now in the Indian Ocean. It is not known whether this was a change of plan or miscommunication.

George Bush Sr back in hospital with pneumonia

Former US President George Bush Sr is being treated for pneumonia in Houston again, after a similar scare in January. A Republican, George HW Bush was commander-in-chief from 1989 to 1993 and took the US into the first Gulf War. He is now 92 and is the father of former President George W Bush and Florida's ex governor Jeb Bush.

Adidas 'sorry' for Boston Marathon gaffe

Sportswear firm Adidas has apologised for sending out a marketing email with the subject line: "Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!" Customers reacted angrily, with many feeling the line was in bad taste given the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 in which 260 died and three were killed. At least two survivors ran this year.

New Zealand government restricts work visas

New Zealand's government is to make it harder for migrants to get skilled worker visas in a "Kiwis-first" approach. Seasonal workers at low-skilled jobs such as fruit picking will be given shorter leave to remain. Immigration is at a record high, with 70,000 people migrating to New Zealand last year, prompting concerns about housing.

Briefing: Why did May call a general election?
Theresa May has confirmed she intends to call a snap general election on 8 June, despite previously saying she would not go to the polls before 2020.

The Prime Minister framed her apparent U-turn as an attempt to end "political gameplaying" and guarantee the UK a strong government for Brexit negotiations.

"At this moment of enormous national significance there should be unity here in Westminster, but instead there is division," she said.

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